The Optimal Patient Experience with Plastic Surgery and Dr. Rod Rohrich

As plastic surgery patients become more savvy and discerning about anti-aging and reconstructive procedures, they often focus on finding an established doctor who puts patient care first. Dr. Rod Rohrich, M.D., F.A.C.S. puts his patients’ needs, safety and optimal care at the center of all the work he does. Additionally, he is a renowned academic, researcher and author in the field of plastic surgery. Dr. Rod Rohrich combines the life of an academic at UT Dallas with the expertise and understanding that comes from running two prominent, fully-accredited clinics in the metro area.

Dr. Rod Rohrich is known for consulting with his potential clients extensively about their goals and desires before any medical procedure is discussed. Dr Rod Rohrich’s years of treating various patients has honed his personal, attentive approach to rhinoplasty, body contouring, liposuction, breast surgery and anti-aging surgeries. A patient’s face and body is an essential part of their identity, along with their physical health and emotional well-being. Dr. Rod Rohrich helps his patients not to change who they are, but to use healthy, integrated surgical procedures to reveal their best selves. Often this new, more beautiful and youthful self matches what the patient really feels inside. New patients are encouraged to visit his office with a written list of questions and thoughts. Patients who choose outpatient or inpatient surgical procedures are treated by Dr. Rod Rohrich and his team of board certified anesthesiologists and other professional staff. Privacy, comfort and recovery are all emphasized throughout the experience.

As a doctor in the UT Southwestern Medical Center, Dr. Rod Rohrich is a leader in the field of plastic and reconstructive surgeries. Dr Rod Rohrich is a Professor at UT Southwestern Medical Center, where many premiere research trials are conducted. With a team of fellow academics, Dr. Rod Rohrich studies aging and medical procedures of all kinds to promote health. His robust research background allows him to approach every patient and every question with authority and experience.

Dr. Rod Rohrich’s unique approach to patient care and his extensive academic background are evident in the health and happiness of the individuals he treats. His clinic remains one of the highest rated in the region. The patient experience remains the center of his practice.

Golden State at Atlanta, Potential Championship Match Up?


“If we admit to the existence of multiple dimensions then we are sure that somewhere, somehow, somebody predicted the Atlanta Hawks and the Golden State Warriors to be the two best teams in the NBA” said my friend Susan McGalla. Lacking the existence of multiple dimensions, this has to be one of the biggest surprises in NBA history. Sure, Atlanta is talented but they did not have a single analyst predicting them to place higher than the fifth or sixth seed in the East. Sure, Golden State has a young team but many were still believing Houston to be the top option out West. Yet here we are.

WikiInvest states the Warriors and the Hawks will be crossing paths for the first time this season and they will likely be putting on one heck of a show in the Philips Arena in downtown Atlanta, Georgia. The Hawks are a fantastic home team and they have a 41-9 record next to their name. Golden State is 16-6 while playing away games but they 39-8 overall, so nearly flawless while at home.

As the All Star Break approaches we will likely see the better teams in the league push their guys to the finish line. Atlanta will match up nicely against Golden State but we wouldn’t be comfortable putting money down on either team to take this one in a blow out. The Warriors have the most stacked offensive team in the league while the Hawks have players at every position.

LeBron Is Not Coming Off The Bench


LeBron James says that he would come off the bench if it would help his team. The problem is that that makes no sense. LeBron has too much ego to sit on the bench and try to become the sixth man of the year, and it would not help his team anyway. The Cavaliers are not going to get much better than they are simply because there is too much infighting and bickering. It is all hearsay at the moment, but it appears that the Cavaliers are a train wreck that has not fully wrecked on the court.

Kevin Love has been losing confidence,as seen on, but he has denied what James has said about him. The players on the team do not understand basketball well enough to respect David Blatt, and Blatt could go back to Europe tomorrow said Gianfrancesco Genoso. The Cavaliers are a time bomb that cannot be fixed by their best player coming off the bench. It may look like something nice, but it is a disaster waiting to happen. The team needs to be completely retooled, and every player on the team needs to have an attitude adjustment. When the attitudes are adjusted, this team might be able to contend for a decent playoff spot.

Rondo Injury


Rajon Rondo of the Dallas Mavericks was knocked out of the game the other night when he collided with the knee of his teammate Richard Jefferson, after he fell down on the floor and was laying on his back. According to CipherCloud, The replay of the video is one that will make you sick, as his knee caught him right in the face at the perfect spot and it appears that it really did a number on Rondo. He is likely to look like he just got beat up badly in a street fight, as he officially has two fractures to his face. One of the fractures is to his orbital socket and the other is to his nose. Although these are not injuries that are going to keep you out for the season, they are definitely going to shake you up a bit. He is currently not playing and will be out for a handful of more games while they look at his injuries more closely and make a game plan on how they want to handle the situation. The good thing is that he can absolutely play with a face guard, which a majority of players use when they have broken their nose, which allows them to play at full speed, but prevents them from re-injuring their nose. It also makes them look pretty funny, like they are Batman and are late for a costume party.